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01FINE P+ PLUS Specification
01 Fine P+
Regular cleaning with soap and water assures the interior lining of a very long service life. No hygienically or environmentally harmful chemicals are normally needed for cleaning.
02 Applications
  • All kind of furniture surface-finising
  • Door Frame, Kitchen and Wardrobe door, Wrapping door, Desk top of office furniture
  • Building & office wall pannel
03 Special
High level of fire resistance and weatherability : Walls, ceilings and doors of vessels.
04 Structural
05 Supplying
PVC Steel Décor Sheet is available in a wide range of surface finishes with different colors.
structures and patterns.
Properties Test Method Standard Spec Unit
Thickness allowance 0.20mm-0.40mm JIS K6734 % ±3
Width & length allowance JIS K6734 ±3 mm
Density JIS K6734 1.15~1.40 g/㎠
Shrinkage (100℃, 5minute) KS M3001 <±3.0 %
Tensle strength KS M3001 >1.0 Kg/㎟
Tear strength KS M3001 >1.0 Kg/㎟
Elongation KS M3001 >100 %
Melt range 150~215
Emboss extinction Good 140℃, 1min
  • * We can change the standard specification when buyer want.
02The scope of products
Use productization Function productization
Molding Sheets Photo Preserving Sheets
Wrapping Sheets Advertising Sheets
Overlay Sheets Ceiling Sheets
Flame Retardant Sheets
High Gloss Sheets
Environmentally Friendly Sheets
Atmosphere Corrosion Resisting Sheets